NEXTPittsburgh Media Mogul Tracy Certo brought together Pittbusrgh visionaries and asked, “What’s Next for Tech?”

The panel consisted of John Thornton of Astrobotic, Luke Skurman from Niche, Vanessa Jameson from Covey,  Patrick Colletti of Net Health and Anne Lopez of Romeo Delivers. Further comments were from Dennis Yablonsky. The conversation started off at past experiences which is the pillar stone of the future.

From landing on the moon and inhabiting caves, to better ways to hack your relationship, to even tweaking education further, the one thing that tied the conversation together was a strong networking and levering ideas outside of their expertise. It becomes very clear there is no straight path to fortune as the panelists recount the road less taken to success. Even once they tie some wins under their belt, they kept striving looking for the next solution.

Oh yeah. Thrival, Thrival, Thrival.

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