This year Cosmopolitan taps into the zeitgeist of of Pittsburgh fringe culture by inviting Trundle Manor, The Hills and the Rivers, and counter culture cosplayers Adm Jamie J. Apgar and Amanda Moffitt. The carnival theme set the party apart from a busy week that included masked balls, the first annual furry parade, and the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix.

Attendees dressed on the wild side at the August Wilson Center. Maybe it was the masks, but the crowd felt more diverse than previous years. The food too represented new faces in the Pittsburgh culinary world such as Bill’s Burgers and Bloomfield’s Station. The VIP tasting at Cosmopolitan is still one of the reasons to buy a ticket and go. Even if it means joining the circus.

Seen: Marta on the Move, Urbanist‘s Michael McAllister, Saul Markowitz, Ronda Zegarelli, Natalie Bencivenga, Missie Cekus.

Sadly, the camera failed. This created for some interesting shots.

Co-chaired by Michael McAllister, Laura Seifert, and Dan Unkovic

Host committee included: Christy Brodbeck, Sydney Carver, Emily Chiodo & Brent Wasko, Mark Cibulka, Thommy Conroy, Michelle Dantia, Catherine DelBarba, Dayna & Guy DiRienzo, Natalie Falcone, Mark Freeman, Jacob L. George, Laura & Evan Hughes, Katie Leech Vollen, Tim McCarthy, Susan & Sean McLaughlin, Carey Miklos & Ryan M. Tutera, Bethany E. Miller, Shane A. Miller, Kit Mueller, Lisa Newman, Pandemic Pete, Rebecca Rickard

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