The 10th Annual Cosmopolitan hosted by the Cultural Trust raises funds and memberships for the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust. Here is an Audio recap and some words.

The Cosmopolitan Soiree is geared toward young professionals. The smaller fundraiser focuses on doing two things well: a great sampling of emerging chefs and music representing Pittsburgh’s zeitgeist.

This year’s “Trust Cool” theme was not as straight forward you may think. Guests were asked to wear “coolly-calculated couture”. This ended up being interpreted as posh clothing you’d see in the Hamptons. It’s not as exciting as last year’s circus theme. Instead the stunning visuals came from the re-imagining of the August Wilson Center stage.  The stage became as a temperate paradise and hanging garden with the elaborate placement of ferns. This is one of the simplest, and coolest, atmosphere tricks that really made you forget you were in Pittsburgh.

Music was curated by VIA with slowdanger being the standout performance of the night. Chefs Tomasz Skowronski & Kate Laskey was the standout taste of the night with their Kanapki – a carrot pate with radish, cucumber, quick pickle and dill, smoked celeriac pate with greens and herb salad, on house made seed bread.

2014 Cosmopolitan Coverage2015 Cosmopolitan Coverage

The Jeers: The drinks took 20-30 minutes to wait in line for. Some people went across the street to be served. Others went home. The crowd was less diverse than previous years relying on VIA and Urbanists’ built in audiences. Food after the VIP party was dismal unlike other years.

Host Committee included: Christy Brodbeck, Emily Chiodo, Brent Wasko, Mark Cibulka, Thommy Conroy & Jesse Belfast, Robin Elrod, Natalie Falcone, Jake George, Sheri Giger, Meredith Grelli, Kira Hoeg, Mike Hoeg, Lauren Hopkins, Laura Hudson Hughes, Katherine Leech Vollen, Randall Vollen, Michael McAllister, Susan McLaughlin, Sean McLaughlin, Bethany Miller, Carey Miklos, Ryan M. Tutera, Lisa Newman, Jill Steiner, Becky Rickard, Gina Vensel, Ronda Zegarelli

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